Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Next 50: Seattle Center

The Next 50: 
Seattle Center's 50 Year Anniversary Celebration
A Six-Month Dialogue About Our Future
In 1962, Seattle established itself as a global focal point, hosting a world's fair driven by the space age - ultimately creating a physical legacy: Seattle Center. As we approach the 50th anniversary of the fair, there is cause for celebration and contemplation, as our region faces an entirely new set of opportunities. Today, the question is about the social and intellectual capital that feed our region's - and the world's - creative energy.

This six-month dialogue will be focusing on eight different areas that represent the Pacific Northwest's leadership and innovation over the past 50 years. There will be competitions, exhibits and opportunities for fun and learning at the Seattle Center grounds over the six months of celebration. Planning continues on activities associated with each of the key focus areas. Just a few of the scheduled events include:

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